The Perfection of Marketing:
The CEO's Guide to Building a Brand and Driving Sales in Three Steps

by James Connor

The Perfection of Marketing puts you in the room with James Connor, a leading brand expert, to hear the exact advice he has given to over 200 CEOs on the most efficient methods to build their brands and increase marketing ROI.

The result is a groundbreaking work, bringing the branding best practices utilized by Fortune 1000 companies to the middle market. James Connor has crafted a surprisingly efficient process, based on what he calls the Sales Moment, to create a method anyone can implement for spectacular marketing results.

Culminating from 12 years of work, these best practices are battle-tested for small and midsize businesses. This practical guide gives you the detailed playbook run by The James Group, a branding and full-service advertising agency in New York City, which has made more money for 95% of their clients.

Skillfully written in a narrative style, this book is a must-have for any CEO who wants to grow a company. With a summary and key questions at the end of each chapter, The Perfection of Marketing provides a clear path to marketing success.

James Connor knows his audience. The CEOs of small and midsize businesses are bootstrappers and entrepreneurs, often in family-run businesses, and not groomed in corporate culture. These driven individuals made it without MBAs or other fancy degrees. Mostly, they mistrust marketing. Unfortunately, their lack of experience with branding best practices often becomes the Achilles’ heel that keeps a good business from becoming great. James Connor speaks to these CEOs in a direct way—rooted in logic, process, and real-world experience.

ISBN 978-0-9765469-3-1, 208pp, 5-1/2" x 8-1/4", hardcover, © 2008

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About the Author:

James Connor is the CEO and founder of The James Group, a brand strategy and full-service advertising agency in New York City, serving midsize business clients nationally. For 12 years, James honed The Perfection of Marketing process and oversaw the creation of over 70 brands, including category leaders GarageTek, Thinkfun, TransparentValue, and WQIS. He is well regarded as a speaker on brand marketing. James meditates daily and in the evening teaches Buddhist philosophy for the Asian Classics Institute, primarily in New York City and the Hamptons.

You can reach him at The James Group’s website,, or at

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